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About Me

My "Why"

I do not take the term "craftsmanship as a soulecraft" lightly.  I believe I was put on this earth to serve people, to make their lives better, all while creating, building, and teaching with my heart and hands.

If you want to know more of where I came from and why I started this business be sure to check out my story:

"what started it all"

Excellence and Professionalism 

If you can't be professional about it, why bother?  I am here to serve with honesty, enthusiasm, creativity and trust. That trust also comes with having the courage and vulnerable confidence to tell you that I cannot do what you are asking.


I promise to presentable and always leave things better than I found them. 

Perfectionist at my core (so my wife says)

I am not in this business to just fix stuff.  I take pride in the art of doing it right. I have a degree in virtual construction design and thousands of hours working with my hands.  That expertise is then compounded by having a background in marketing and real estate.  I am hyper aware of the fine details and the balance of presentation mixed with function.

If it can't be done with excellence, it's not worth doing. I built and graphically designed this very website.  It is my hope you can see my attention for detail goes beyond just fixing a leak or hanging a picture... It's a way of life, it's my purpose, it's my passion. :)
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