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Specialty Custom Projects

There will be things that go beyond the basics of home and business maintenance. I offer a unique approach to custom projects by virtually designing the idea to save you time and money... and make something truly special.

Built-in-wall Enclosure
For Glass Figurines 

*A lifetimes collection of delicate glass fish figurines lost in a closet finally brought back to be shared with the world. *We call it a "Static Aquarium"

1/2" tempered starfire glass front  w/ 1/4" tempered starfire glass shelves.  Hidden mirror door in the closet reflects high output low voltage lighting, tucked beneth a stainless steel floating shelf.

"We did it for the fishies!"

Sit-Stand-Desk &
Matching Shelves

*Inspired by a shadowbox clock with a gearheads love for muscle cars.

*Made sense to build shelves for the cars too!

Desk top built of extruded aluminum frame with 1/4" tempered glass top encasing Chevy Orange undelay contrasting against a white top, all resting on three sit-stand-desk legs.

"Shelves to match desk"


What kind of projects do you have?
I'd love to show you how we can turn your idea into reality.

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