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Media & Feature Walls

Blank walls are wrought with potential! They are begging to be reinvented with a modern fireplace, hidden AV components, dramatic low voltage LED lighting or a simple change in texture.

This is NOT your typical
Pinterest home gym! 

*The customer did not want a traditional wall that was covered in shiplap.

*So we thought outside the box! WAY OUTSIDE!

A grunge style OSB wood wall with a matching workout mirror.  Finished in velvet grey with a heartbeat cut out that's painted in bright orange and is illuminated with low voltage LED lighting. Designed for the wall mounted PRX PRO folding weight rack.

The Beam Room!

*The customer wanted a room unlike anything inside their home. The only requirement was that it have beams and a fireplace.

A pair of 16' handmade distressed beams center the media wall. Built of drywall, painted to match the room. 

Handmade floating wood shelves and countertop, all integrated with low voltage lighting. 


What kind of projects do you have?
I'd love to show you how we can turn your idea into reality.

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